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Les centres d’art contemporain
Radenko Milak
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Chaque année, les centres d’art contemporain produisent ou coproduisent près de 2000 œuvres inédites, en accompagnant les artistes au plus près de leurs projets.

Radenko Milak, Série Radenko Milak, 2014

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain

Aquarelle, papier - Formats 33x43 cm, 36x 48 cm, 36x50 cm 39x48 cm, 49x69 cm, 50x68 cm, 52x70 cm, 63x53 cm, 65x49 cm et 69x52 cm. Titres des 27 oeuvres : - 5MB Hard Disk Drive 1956- A Lebanese businessman, Edmond Khayat, carries wooden cross to protest the Berlin wall October 1961- A speck of the world’s first plutonium, 1946- Albert Einstein- Alexander Rodchenko, Pioneer- Assassination of Martin Luther King- Automobile arriving from the eastern sector of Berlin being halted by West Berlin police- Black September, Munich Olympics 1972 The age of terror is born- Bloody Sunday (1972)- Ernest Shackleton, Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-17- Harold Edgerton photo, Nuclear explosion photographed with a Rapatronic Camera 1 millisecond after detonation, 1952- Hindenburg disaster- Iceberg photographed in 1912 bearing an unmistakable mark of black and red paint. It is believed that this is the iceberg that sank the Titanic.- Kristallnacht- London readers continue to browse through a library, even though it is destroyed by German bombs.WWII- Marcel Duchamp - Man Ray, 1924- Monument in Krusevo from Socialic Yugoslavia- On the Seine in 1963, photographer Melvin Sokolsky shot the iconic Bubble fashion series in Paris for Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s spring collection. Alix of Modern- Paris 1968- Patrice Lumumba- Rosa Luxembourg- Russian revolutionaries destroying a statue of Tsar Alexander- September 11- Soldiers praying in Cologne Cathedral during WWII in Cologne, Germany- Sylvia Plath, Date of Death, February 11, 1963- Tito, 4- April 11th, 1909, Tel Aviv, Israel

Cadre de production :

Exposition collective « Il s’en est fallu de peu », La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain, Mulhouse, (18.09–16.11.2014).

© Photo : DR.
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