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La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain

16 Rue de la Fonderie, 68093 Mulhouse

Grand Est

DCA - centre d'art - La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain
La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, centre d’art contemporain. Photo : La Kunsthalle Mulhouse.
DCA - centre d'art - Vue de l’exposition « Exhumer le futur » de Maarten Vanden Eyden, 2022
Vue de l’exposition « Exhumer le futur » de Maarten Vanden Eyden, 2022. Photo : Jean-Jacques Delattre/ La Kunsthalle Mulhouse.
DCA - centre d'art - Vue de l’exposition « Circumnavigation jusqu’à épuisement » de Clarissa Tossin, 2021
Vue de l’exposition « Circumnavigation jusqu’à épuisement » de Clarissa Tossin, 2021. Photo : Michel Kurst/ La Kunsthalle Mulhouse.
DCA - centre d'art - Vue de l’exposition collective « Qalqalah قلقلة : plus d’une langue », 2021
Vue de l’exposition collective « Qalqalah قلقلة : plus d’une langue », 2021. Photo : Sébastien Bozon/ La Kunsthalle Mulhouse.

La Kunsthalle is Mulhouse’s centre for contemporary art. It is located in la Fonderie, a building it shares with the University of Haute-Alsace, and organises exhibitions and other events based on artistic creation and research.

Every year La Kunsthalle takes on a visiting exhibition curator, as well as a number of guest artists participating in exchange or research programmes. Thanks to its commitment and wide selection of events, La Kunsthalle is able to build close relationships with other art centres in the local area, across the Swiss and German borders, and further afield. Within 700 sq of gallery space La Kunsthalle both displays and produces temporary exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art. These exhibitions focus either on the work of one artist, or on a theme appearing in various artists’ work.

La Kunsthalle promotes artistic creation and makes it easily accessible through its numerous events. La Kunsthalle participates regularly in highlights of the cultural season, such as the Regionale, a local crossborder event. It also asks graduates of Hear, Haute école des arts du Rhin, to participate in one of its projects.

La Kunsthalle offers its facilities to visiting artists and exhibition curators, confirming its role as a setting for both creation and appreciation of art.

Director: Sandrine Wymann