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Jeu de Paume

1 place de la Concorde, 75001 Paris


Facebook : @jeudepaumeparis

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DCA - centre d'art - Jeu de Paume
Jeu de Paume. Photo : Nicolas Krief.
DCA - centre d'art - Jeu de Paume
Jeu de Paume. Photo : Nicolas Krief.

Le Jeu de Paume is an emblematic cultural institution in the heart of the Tuileries, an art center and a place of reference for the diffusion of 20th and 21st century images (photography, cinema, video, installation, etc.). Its vocation is to create exhibitions, as well as film cycles, seminars, educational activities and publications.

All of the Jeu de Paume’s activities are born of a profound desire for transversality in the study of visual culture and the image, the quest for or the reinvention of meaning in all areas of thought. The conferences, seminars, colloquiums and classes are intended to open up new areas of critical interaction by deepening the subjects addressed by the exhibitions or by dealing with new themes.

With exhibitions that give visibility to the artists presented, whether they are recognised, unknown or emerging, Le Jeu de Paume confronts different historical or contemporary narratives, oscillating between resonance and dissonance. In this way, it attracts a wide and diverse audience.

Apart from its Parisian building, located on the Place de la Concorde, Le Jeu de Paume has joined forces with the city of Tours to present exhibitions of a heritage nature, in particular. Exhibited at the Château de Tours since 2010, this program also aims to reach out to new audiences in the region.
Le Jeu de Paume also exhibits outside its walls and now organizes an annual exhibition at the Cellier in Reims.

The exhibitions of Le Jeu de Paume are shown throughout the world with the complicity of other national and international institutions with which it has elective affinities.

Director: Quentin Bajac