French national network
of contemporary art centres


Out in the sun (Plein Soleil)

Summer in art centres


Plein Soleil was a national operation to give visibility to the summer exhibitions of the members of the DCA network for several years. Its goal was to provide an overview combining tourism and creation, right in the heart of the art centres’ respective regions.

DCA’s founding project was initiated in 2007, renewed in 2009 and published in 2008. Relaunched in 2018 and 2019, Plein Soleil has made it possible to spotlight numerous exhibitions throughout France, as well as meetings, conferences and performances. The great diversity of artists and productions presented in the framework of this event during its various editions reflects the dynamism and wealth of today’s creation.

In the summer of 2020, the Plein Soleil event was held despite the evolving conditions of the lockdown, which forced DCA members to rethink their summer programming and to stagger the reopening dates of their exhibitions across the country. This unprecedented period revealed the need for DCA and its members, who were severely affected by the sudden shutdown of activities, to set up a communication campaign in the national press that would enable these key players in contemporary creation to speak out on the new issues brought to light by the health crisis. To this end, a series of six interviews with art centre directors was conducted and disseminated on professional themes related to the impact of the health crisis on the activities of contemporary art centres: the link with artists, audiences, production, residencies and the ecological crisis.

In 2021, Plein Soleil took place in the context of the reopening of cultural venues after nearly six months of closure due to the health crisis. As in 2020, the challenge was to publicise the reopening and summer programming of contemporary art centres. This latest edition of Plein Soleil was marked by the creation of a specific website, providing direct and clear access to all the cultural content and events of the participating members.

Plein Soleil website 2021 (Fr) — design Jacques Delon
Plein Soleil brochure 2020 (Fr) — design Malou Messien
Plein Soleil interdisciplinary interviews 2020 (Fr) — jigsaw
Plein Soleil brochure 2019 (Fr) — design studio La Direction
Plein Soleil brochure 2018 (Fr) — design Lisa Sturacci
Plein Soleil book/magazine 2008 (Fr) — design Frédéric Teschner